AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.5.1 : Review, Pros & Cons, Verdict

So, you need a reliable software to make backups but don’t want to spend a huge sum on it. This might seem a bit surprising but there is one such software that will fulfill all your backup needs and is absolutely free. Aomei Backupper Standard 4.5.1 is one of the best free backup software in the market and it is absolutely free.

AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.5.1

User Interface

On the first glance, you would notice that the user interface of the Backupper Standard looks a bit old-fashioned. Don’t get deceived by the looks as the UI is designed in such a brilliant manner that even a person using it for the first time could get around pretty easily. If you even have slightest of an idea of what you want to do then you would be able to perform the tasks in no time at all.

The user interface might be easy to use but still has a few minor flaws. A couple of glitches are found here and there in the software. One such occurrence can be found when a user tries to increase the size of a Windows object in the Display Preferences. Suppose, you are trying to increase the size to 125% then instead of growing larger the window would actually shrink. These bugs are not much of a hassle as the program remains usable and would be surely patched out pretty soon.


Whenever a person sees a free software, the first thing comes to mind is that it won’t be having enough features. This isn’t the case with the Backupper Standard 4.5.1 as you get pretty much every necessary feature that one needs in a backup software. The software provides you with the ability to image, clone disks, make file backups and sync plain files. It also comes with scheduling and syncing options as well, such as real-time synchronization.

Although syncing is not exactly a true backup, it is a great way to mirror your important data and keep it in a safe location. This comes in handy if your main system develops a fault and you end up losing all your data. In such a case, the lost data can be retrieved from the place where it was mirrored.

One of the best things about AOEMI Backupper Standard is the ability to image complete drives or partitions. It not only images the partitions but also verifies and mounts them which lets you easily access the files that you have made a backup of.

Paid Features

Now, if you want some of the additional features then there is a paid version of the Backupper Standard. The cost of the paid version is $40 for a one-time license and $50 for a lifetime option.

The paid version also offers the ability to clone the whole system. This works exceptionally well if you are looking to boot via network.

This version provides a user with the ability to image dynamic volumes and merge images. A user who is looking to just create simple backups won’t require these options and thus the paid version is better suited for the professionals.

Performance Metrics

AOEMI Backupper Standard has a mixed performance. It is easily one of the fastest options when it comes to backing up disks and partitions. On the other hand, if you are looking to back up sets of files then it is one of the slowest.

The software isn’t resource intensive and during usage, CPU utilization is pretty low. This means you could perform other tasks with the Backupper Standard running in the background without seriously hampering the performance of your system.

The only downside of the software in terms of performance is that it creates three background processes. These processes are the core, shadow copy, and a scheduler. Out of these three, the scheduler is pretty much unnecessary and the company could have easily used the native scheduler of the Windows OS. Still, Backupper Standard is a better choice than the Acronis True Image which creates three background processes.

Customer Support

The help files are available online in case you run into any trouble. Although, keeping the files online is the best way to ensure that a user gets the latest information. But not providing offline help files at all is a bad idea. What if a user needs any help but could not access the web?


Some of the best aspects of the AOEMI Backupper Standard 4.5.1 are

  • It is absolutely free.
  • The software comes with lots of features and is extremely reliable.


Even though it is pretty much the best backup software one could get without spending a buck, it still has some flaws.

  • The occasional glitches could be annoying at times.
  • The lack of offline support.
  • It is extremely slow when backing up sets of files.

Final Verdict

AOEMI Backupper Standard is pretty much the best free backup software you could get. It has all the necessary tools that an average user would need. There are a few bugs here and there but they aren’t something that would make the software unusable. So, if you need a free backup software then choose AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.5.1 without any hesitation.