Apple refunds A Chinese Women Because Her Colleagues Can Unlock Her iphone X

Apple refunds A Chinese Women Because Her Colleagues Can Unlock Her iphone X

Apple refunds a Chinese women because her friends can unlock her phone.From the very beginning,people are facing issues with the FACE ID unlock in their Iphone X.Remember Face ID lock failed at the launch event of Iphone X.But this time an interesting case is coming out from the web.

A Chinese woman (Yan) has accused Apple of selling her a faulty iPhone X twice.She told the Jiangsu Braodcasting Corporation about the bug.She told that even after registering her Face ID with the device,her colleague at work was able to unlock the phone suing thei FACE.She returned the faculty device to apple and got refund.And here’s the interesting fact.

She purchased another iPhone,and also the phone kept on showing the same problem as expeceted.A spoke person of Apple has mentioned it to be the work of the customer only.He told both of the women might have used the phone during pass code training.That’s why the Iphone X is recognizing both faces.

Yan also mentioned that she found this bug and the Apple hotline didn’t pay any attention to it.She went to an Apple store and showed them that her friend can unlock her phone using face ID and got refund.And after buying another new iphone X,she has to face the thing and got refund again.It’s quite a part of a joke about the Face-ID unlock failure.

Still it seems that Apple is hiding the bugs of the Iphone X Face-ID recognizations.We’ve seen many cases about the iPhoneX’s face Id failure.What do you think ? let us know in the comments below.


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