Best 10 Free GIMP Plugins in 2018

GIMP Plugins

When it comes to photo editing software we hear two names Photoshop and GIMP. GIMP is one of the most popular Photoshop alternatives on Windows and is the best software for Linux. The best thing is that unlike Photoshop, GIMP is absolutely free. GIMP also supports plugins like Photoshop and today we are going to show you the 10 best GIMP plugins.

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#1 Layer via Copy/Cut

The Photoshop users must be aware of this feature. This is GIMP plugin brings this popular feature to GIMP as well. This feature is extremely useful if you regularly need to deal with layers. The plugin lets you copy, cut and move the selected portion of a layer/layers and also create a new layer with the selected objects.

#2 Beautify GIMP Plugin

Beautify is a plugin which provides you lots of photo editing feature in one place. Essentially, Beautify converts GIMP into a full-fledged photo retouching suite. You can tweak features such as brightness, contrast and even use Instagram-like filters on your photos.

#3 BIMP – Batch Image Manipulation Plugin

BIMP is one of the most practical and easy to use GIMP Plugin. It makes editing a group of photos a lot easier. The plugin helps you to resize, crop, rotate, rename and watermark multiple images simultaneously.

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#4 Lensfun GIMP plugin

Lensfun is a GIMP plugin which can help you correct any lens distortions in your image. The plugin uses the EXIF data to find the details about the camera and the lens. This data allows the plugin to fix the distortions.

#5 Stitch Panorama

If you are looking to create a panoramic image from a set of images using GIMP then you have found the perfect GIMP plugin. The plugin not only stitches the images but also performs blending, color correction, and other operations to give the panorama the perfect look.

#6 UFRaw

If you are a professional photographer then GIMP might not appeal to you much. The reason is the inability to edit RAW files. UFRaw is the perfect solution to this problem. This GIMP plugin lets you control exposure, color balance, and temperature along with image correction. The batch workflow is great if you want to work on multiple images simultaneously.

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#7 Save for Web GIMP plugin

If you are a blogger or a web designer or need to publish images online then you definitely need this plugin. This GIMP plugin allows you to scale, smooth, compress and, crop the images before you upload them. This ensures that the image fits perfectly on your website and isn’t oversized.

#8 Liquid Rescale

Liquid Rescale is one of the best GIMP plugin as it lets you resize the images without distorting them. It works just like the content-aware scaling feature of Photoshop. It also allows you to remove certain unwanted sections of the image as well.

#9 Watermark GIMP plugin

It is a common practice on the web to use somebody’s work and pass it as one’s own. The images that you take and edit can also be used like this. It is not possible to prevent this but you can add a watermark to the images to let others know who is the real owner of the pic.

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#10 FX Foundry

FX foundry is a huge collection of effects and scripts to help manipulate the photos easily. The Gimp plugin creates a menu in the software from which you can choose the different options. Each and every effect can be customized before applying to the picture.

This was our list of top 10 free GIMP plugins. I hope you would find them useful and they will increase your productivity manifolds in GIMP. You can download these GIMP plugins by a simple search with the respective plugin names.

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