Download Facebook Research App – Earn $75 Every Month from Facebook research APPLAUSE (uTest) program

Facebook Research program
Join Facebook research APPLAUSE (uTest) program and earn over $75 every month.

If you want to earn free money, Facebook Research App is something that you simply can’t ignore that easily. Facebook Research App Applause program is basically a project that collects several app data and statics from your android phone which is likely to be used by Facebook to understand the app usage of global users that is a key to improve its platform usage and features for its billions of users. To get payments, users have to keep facebook research app running in the background all-time. Here in this article, i’ll break down every single steps to guide you how to download and install Facebook Research App APK on your android phone.

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This Facebook research APPLAUSE program is being handled by Applause (uTest). Applause is company which is a global leader in full-range software crowd testing, feedback and research services etc. The Facebook Research App gives $5 every month to keep the app on your phone, along with it you can refer your friends and can earn upto $10 for each refer. You are allowed to refer upto 5 user every month and it can provide you a potential earning of over $75 monthly. Follow the guide below to download facebook research app and start earning.

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How to Download Facebook Research App  – 

  • Fill out this form by heading towards to this link – to get Facebook research program referral invite. If you’re unable to get fill out the form or not getting referral invite you can text me mentioning your email ID and Full name on (+91)7003416634.  
  • You’ll need a KYC verified Paypal account linked with the same email ID to receive payouts.
  • Very soon with in a day, you’ll get an email from [email protected] to register for the project.
  • Follow the email, and click on link to complete registration for Facebook Research App program. 

  • On the next screen, you’ve to fill out another from by entering your email ID, sex and birthrate. Choose your sex “Female” as if you select “Make” you will not be eligible for paid referrals. Make sure you’re at-least 18 years old.

  • After submiting the form you’ll get another email saying Registration Complete. 
  • Hence, click on the link from your mobile phone to download and install facebook research application. Note down or remember the unique installation code provided with that email.

  • Download facebook research app and during installation you’ll be asked to enter the referral code. Just enter the the 5 digit unique installation code, and that’s all.
  • Now grant terms & conditions, and accept all permissions.

  • You’re good to go. Now just make sure to keep the facebook research app running in the background always, and you’ll get your payment every month. You can lock the facebook research app in the recent apps so it doesn’t get closed by mistake.

But here’are the few things, that you should know before joining facebook research program. By installing their research software on your phone, you’re giving your full consent to facebook to collect several data from your phone such as data from installed apps on your phone, even from encrypted ones or secure browser sessions or any other kind of online activity. Apart from that, it will also collect your browsing information and other online services.

Is Facebook research APPLAUSE program by uTest Safe ?

As per the privacy policy, the collected user data will only be stored and used by facebook and won’t be shared with any unaffiliated third-parties. So there’s likely no risk of data theft or security breach ! but still the app has potential permissions to collect very sensitive data from your phone. So download Facebook research app at your own influence. No one from Gadgetcubes will take any kind of responsibility so far in case if anything goes wrong.