Download PUBG Mobile Global Beta 0.9.0 for Android & iOS [Night Mode]

Finally, PUBG Mobile Global Beta 0.9.0 has been released for Android and iOS devices. The all new update will bring major changes and improvements to the game. 

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This new global beta brings the most awaiting intensive night mode weather to erangle along with a new “film” filter. The dynamic night mode will drop based on small probability factors. Apart from it, the beta update has FPP – First Perspective Driving mode. Now you’ll get to listen to radio songs while driving a vehicle that too can be turned off manually from settings. For better hands-on control, a new brake button has been added that can be used to stop a vehicle quickly in emergency situations. 

Now there are two new weapons Beryl M762 and QBU which are expected to remain sanhok map exclusive. In PUBG Mobile global 0.9.0 beta, developers have also changed 4x optic on SLR and UMP9. Also in FPP mode, First Person Perspective Field Of View has been removed. 

Your Gaming character will now get new functionality to through grenades while peeking. Newly added Rony pickup truck vehicle and the Scooter will also be Sanhok exclusive. Though a Jet-ski(Aquarail) is available on the training mode only. Another one interesting feature is the all new spectate option, now you can spectate the player that killed you when your all team-mates die. 

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  • Night mode on Erangel map.
  • Brightness settings in Graphics.
  • New weapons – Beryl M762 and QBU.
  • Rony(Pickup exclusive to Sanhok) and the Scooter(Sanhok Exclusive).
  • Jet-ski(Aquarail) to training mode.
  • Boosted items on training mode.
  • Spectate the opponent that killed you.
  • Improved auto-pickup. Specify a quantity for auto-pickup in setting.
  • First Person Perspective Driving , Radio , Brake button.
  • Changed 4x optic on SLR and UMP9.
  • Enhanced graphics and visuals.

PUBG Mobile Global 0.9.0 Beta APK Download for Android – 

click here. Kindly follow the steps below for installation.

Solution for “App not installed” or “Parse error”  – 

As the pubg mobile global beta apk file size is over 1GB, you might get App not installed or Parse error. To get rid of such things, download the three files from below and follow the instructions.

Procedure – 

  • After installing the PUBGM Beta Configurator, open it up. 
  • Click CONTINUE to acknowledge the disclaimer. Then Click Configure to start the configuration. Allow storage permissions if asked.
  • Then SELECT FILE to manually select the downloaded OBB file.
  • That’s all, now run the game.

Download for iOS – 

iOS users can download the game from this link. Make sure to use the stock Safari browser while opening the link. 

Instruction – 

  • Install the global beta for iOS from the above link.
  • Now you’ve to trust the application, navigate to your device settings – General > Device Management > Kiesberger Service GmbH > Trust App.
  • On the login screen, tap on the Select Server button and select the 0.8.0 先游服 server. Because All other servers are unavailable.

That’s all for now. Download and start playing, best of luck for your next winner winner chicken dinner screen. Keep it in mind, that the Game data on the beta version will not affect the live version. Here’s the link of the official discord channel to fetch more updates.