Download PUBG Mobile official Emulator [Tencent Gaming Buddy], Play PUBG on LOW END PC

PUBG Emulator

PUBG Mobile or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has became a trending game world wide. Millions of users have been playing PUBG mobile on daily basis since its launch. Till the date, if you wanted to play the PUBG on your desktop, you needed a really high end PC. But still we know, that playing a game on PC is much more interesting and user friendly than playing it on mobile device. And to play PUBG mobile on PC, users have been using android emulators like Nox app player, bluestacks 2 etc. But those emulators aren’t flexible enough to handle the game.

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Recently Tencent Games has released an official PUBG Mobile emulator (Tencent Gaming Buddy) that is only built to play PUBG mobile on PC. Even low end PC users can play PUBG Mobile using the emulator. The PUBG Mobile emulator provides flexible control with mouse and keyboard combination. Here we’re giving you links to download PUBG mobile emulator – Tencent Gaming Buddy on your PC.

PUBG Mobile Emulator [Tencent Gaming Buddy] features – 

  1. Flexible control with mouse and keyboard.
  2. High quality graphics.
  3. Smooth game play.
  4. Runs on low end pc.
  5. No need of graphics card.

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC using PUBG Mobile Official Emulator – 

Step 1 – 

Download PUBG Mobile Emulator – Tencent Gaming Buddy. It’s only 6Mb in size. Link is given at the end of this post. After downloading simply install the PUBG Mobile emulator on your PC.

Step 2 – 

After installing launch the PUBG emulator. It’ll take a few minutes to initialize and gather data. And then the installer will shortly start to download the required files. This step will take several minutes. In my case, it took around 20 minutes for the PUBG Mobile emulator to download and install the game.

Step 3 – 

Once the game is installed, click on the play option. That’s all. Now you may Login as guest or sign in with your facebook id. And start playing PUBG mobile on your PC using the official emulator application. You can simply control the game from your keyboard and mouse.

Download PUBG Mobile Emulator – 

Link to download PUBG mobile official emulator (tencent gaming buddy) – click here.

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  1. It’s ia great Emulator.And we can play pubg with Medium Frame Rate .But litte laggy.
    I prefer to Install PheonixOs ,it gives you a great performance even on
    HD settings

  2. This emulator is the best for PUBG Mobile …as it runs flawlessly in my pc…though i have a GTX 1060 …but i would recommend this emulator other than any emulators…in the web.

    • While using pc, pubg emulator or tencent gaming buddy will only connect you with same pc version players. It won’t connect user with mobile version players.

  3. I downloaded the emulator and game but when i started it there are some missing frames, i mean blank white screen even i can’t see my character, and lag also,is there any way to correct them or my pc is not compatible

  4. there is one problem. I have to hold mouse click for moving camera view. every time i have to turn i have to drag my mouse while holding the left click. can anyone provide fix for that?

  5. I instelled the game as it was said, after all that when im tryng to go as a Guest or Login to Facebook the client closes automatically i have made update and restore the app from start menu bar (right down) and still nothing

  6. i installed it and it opens but i have some issues like: i need to have it fullscreen to run, and i cant play even as a guest or facebook member its just closes the client

  7. Till yesterday the games running fine but idk why today it cant connect to internet and keeps saying internet error….btw my net is working fine so is it something related to the little update that came to mobile or is it just my own problm

    • Today the PUG Mobile servers were taken offline for the season 2. Thus you were getting the error. But the servers are now live again. So try now, you won’t face that issue again.

      • mobile update has arrived when does tencent gaming buddy updates will arrive. i know we can do manual update but key mapping not working.

  8. Today I installed this game but when I connect to the Facebook or Twitter it can’t connect show me a notice that “login failed” and after that when I connect to guest it’s show network error ..But still 2mbps stable net is enough for it . Plz show me a solution.

  9. What are the specs for this emulator to play pubg mobile on pc through emulator bcoz it’s showing a white blank screen if any suggestion plz replay. If not plz email me it’s my request I wanna play it on my pc

  10. one problem wile i press w for moving i cannot see around with touch pad when i stop or press shift again it is possible

  11. The game stopped downloading at 31% and is not moving further.My internet connection is fine.Can someone help me with this?

  12. My download is complete 100%, but after that again one more started downloading but that file stops at 23% why?

  13. I have low FPS, 15 to 20 on avarage. Task manager shows it only uses 20 % of the processor power and not even 5 % of my graphic unit. How can I get more FPS? There’s no difference in FPS even if I change from Ultra HD to the lowest. I tried all the settings, I changed the amount of cores, I changed the rederer, I changed the resolution. I dont know what I can do to make it work properly.
    How can I make it use the full power of my rig?

  14. after i install the gaming buddy emulator, i cant log in. it says ‘failed to log in, network error’. please help.

  15. hey buddy i tried it to install 5-6 time but it shows network error all time , i am using 10 mbps wifi but does not works all time shows network error , i have tried to install it many times by uninstalling the installed emulator but still shows only network error please tell me the solution.

  16. bro please help me! whenever i click on download button, it redirects to another website and tries to infect with an virus and my antivirus blocks it. please upload it to google drive and tell me the link.


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