Facebook is Testing A Downvote Button

Facebook Downvote Button

Already facebook has brought many changes including the positive steps taken to encounter fake news and refining its news feed to show less advertisements & more posts from friends, family. As per recent reports, facebook has started testing a downvote feature which allows users to downvote a comment on a public post to report and move the negative comment at the bottom of the post. The more number of downvote on a comment means the comment will be buried down more deeper into the comments for less visibility to the users.

Facebook dislike button

This new facebook downvote button is under testing and currently available for few users in the US. As per user reports, the new feature appeared for several users on Thursday in the comment section of posts within Facebook groups and on old Facebook memories content. The unlike button has been a long awaiting feature of facebook since the launch of reaction buttons, but the company said ‘We Are Not Testing a Dislike Button,’ when asked about testing questions regarding dislike button on facebook.

“We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the U.S. only.” – the compay also added. All users have been begging for a “dislike” button on facebook as we see on youtube, but as per the compnay that’s not going to be happen. It looks like Facebook has refrained itself from calling it a “dislike” button. Futhermore Interestingly this feature is quite similar to an unlike option as it lets to downvote any comment that’s is not revelant or offensive.

This new move could be seen as a means to promote healthy discussion and interaction among the users by pushing down the inappropriate contents for the community. When asked mark zuckerberg about this, he said that they didn’t build a Dislike button to stop the website from turning into a forum where people voted up and down. It means that Facebook may take significant steps to prevent the downvote feature from being used in a similar manner. Till now, the facebook downvote feature is available for a very small amount of people as we said it’s under testing. There is no official timeline about when it’s gonna be available publicly.