Download GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK [ Latest Version ] for Android

GB Whatsapp 6.60 APK

Finally you can download GB Whatsapp 6.65 latest version APK for Android. If you’re an android mobile user, you would definitely use whatsapp. And why not, it’s the second most popular social media medium world wide. But the official version of whatsapp however lacks at some points due to some of the missing feature. To cover it up, finally the GBWhatsapp 6.65 version has been released. You might be wondering, what is GB Whatsapp, what’s special in it ? 

Well, nothing to wonder about. GBWhatsapp 6.65 is just another popular mod version of the official whatsapp application for android. But GB Whatsapp latest version has way more features compared to the normal one. For as instance, you would like to hide double tick or online status from your account for enhancing your privacy so that no one could track down your activity. Or you want to stop people from deleting sent messages on whatsapp. These things would have been impossible without GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK. With GBWhatsapp 6.65 latest version you can hide online activity or enable anti-revoke to stop getting your received messages or medias recalled or to see deleted whatsapp messages.  

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Apart from this, users can download GBWhatsapp 6.65 APK for getting more features. Like you can delete your sent messages anytime, or send 90 images at once instead of 10, send video with size 50MB instead of 16MB. Also you can add add to 250 characters instead of 139 character on your whatsapp status on GBWhatsapp 6.65 latest version. To download GBWhatsapp 6.65 APK for android click on the download links below.

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GB Whatsapp 6.65 Change log – 

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.327 
  • Enabled Stickers.
  • No More Forward Tag to Opposite Person even if you forward.
  • @mention Icon on Main Screen to easily Know where you are tagged.
  • Option to Block Calls with/without Showing Ringing to Opp Person.
  • New Option to Select Part Message (Mod 1.2.2)
  • Swipe To Reply.
  • Group Calls.
  • Forward Limit for Indian Users.
  • Option to Set Duration for Revoked Message Notification (Mod 6.8)
  • Themed Stickers Tab.
  • Indonesian Language.
  • Hidden Chats Showing in Calls Tab.
  • Square Pics.
  • Search in Themes.

GB Whatsapp 6.65 Features – 

  • Ban proof.
  • supports calls.
  • Hide your last seen, online status, double tick, writing status.
  • New privacy mods.
  • Themes mods for theming whatsapp. 
  • Theme Server to download and apply themes.
  • DND Mod to stop receiving messages.
  • AutoReply to respond to contacts when unavailable or busy.
  • Schedule a Message using Message Scheduler.
  • Hide Specific or all Chats using Pattern lock.
  • Send Message or Call to Unknown Numbers without saving as contact.
  • Translate Messages in Different International Languages world-wide.
  • Download whatsapp Status or Stories in one click.
  • Send Broadcast messages to Groups.
  • Change ticks bubbles Style with Mod setting options.
  • Message counter statistics for groups.
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
  • Send video with longer size 50MB instead of 16MB by default.
  • Send 90 images at once instead of 10 images at once.
  • Add upto 250 characters instead of 139 characters on whatsapp story and status.
  • Ability to hide the name and the date when copy more than one message.
  • Copy friends’ status in a click and re-post it.
  • Ability to change the app icon color and notifications.
  • More new features. Just download GBWhatsapp 6.60 to check them out.

GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK Download 

Seems you’re much interested to get it on your android phone. Well, go ahead and download GB Whatsapp 6.65 latest version apk for android from the link below by selecting your device architecture version. To learn your phone’s Architecture, or how to download select the correct version of GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK, scroll down a bit and check the instructions below.

GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK – Download.

Application Name - GB Whatsapp.
Version -6.65
Updated on -12/8/2018
Size -26.83 MB (Approximately)
Developer -Atnfas Hoak.

How to Download GB Whatsapp 6.65 Latest Version APK – 

Know your device Architecture – 

  • Download Droid Hardware Info from PlayStore from here.
  • After downloading, open the app and navigate to System Tab.
  • Check the Instructions Sets to know device architecture information and remember it. Here it’s arm64-v8a as on the screenshot.


Guide to download GBWhatsapp 6.65 Latest Version APK – 

  • Now go the GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK download link that is given above.
  • Click on the first blue download button from the page.
  • On the next page, check your device architecture version and following that click on (Download) or (التحميل) ” the first 2 words “.
  • That’s all you need to download the correct version of GBWhatsapp on your device.

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How to Restore Old Chats on GB Whatsapp Version 6.65 – 

  • If you were using official whatsapp application and want to switch to GBWhatsapp.
  • Then to get your old chats back, download and install GB Whatsapp 6.65 APK first. 
  • Open the app, allow all asked permissions. And from the bottom of screen click on the restore whatsapp data options. It’ll show copied all data successfully.
  • That’s all, now verify GB Whatsapp 6.65 using your mobile number and enjoy its newest feature and mods as available.

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