How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile !! Earn PayTm Cash

earn money playing pubg mobile
Want to Turn your PUBG Mobile Addiction into Huge Profit ? Here's how you can thousands of rupees by just playing the game. Check it Now !

Ever thought if there’s a way to earn money by playing PUBG Mobile ? Sounds Weird but well It’s now possible. PUBG Mobile has become one of the most addictive online multiplayer mobile game world-wide. Whether it’s a student or even a employee or whoever they’re, now-a-days when people get some free time, most of them often like to play PUBG Mobile with their mates instead of just browsing facebook or chatting over Whatsapp. 

So How cool would it be to convert this PUBG Mobile Addition into Profit ? You can really earn some extra pocket money if you’re really good in the game. Well, in this article I’ll show you how you can earn money by playing PUBG Mobile. Before reading further to make your PUBG Mobile gaming experience more fruitful, you can check our article on How to Get Free Elite Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile [Earn Free UC Cash].

A new android app namely PlayerZon gives you PayTm cash for playing PUBG Mobile. PlayerZon is a newly launched innovative concept, basically it’s is an Online eSports Platform which currently supports PUBG Mobile. You can join PUBG Mobile tournaments and Matches through this App. There are different types of matches available in the app like Free, Paid, Sponsored or Giveaway Matches. You can check A-Z details of every upcoming or ongoing match, accordingly join them and earn huge. Daily tournaments occur in the noon, afternoon, evening and late night in custom rooms. You can get paid for Each Kill you Score in the match, apart from it there’s also a Big Reward when you get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner title. Winning the game would earn you a decent big amount of money that can be withdrawn any time, currently minimum withdrawal balance is just Rs.10 only. You can withdraw your earned money through PayTm wallet as required and the amount will be credited within next 24 hours or you may use that for joining next tournaments. 

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Well, it’s way easier, not even complicated a bit. Let me show you how you can earn PayTm cash or make money from PlayerZon App by playing PUBG Mobile. 

Get PayTm Cash by Playing PUBG Mobile – Earn Unlimited Money from PlayerZon App

Developer: PlayerZon
Price: To be announced
  • Go to Google play store and search for PlayerZon app. Or you can download the following the going to this link or click on the above app icon. 
  • Once downloaded, now you will need to register into the app by providing minimum details like name, phone number, email address etc. Then right after, sign into the app with your credentials.
  • On the app page, you would find different types of matches like solo, duo or even squad. There would be some free or sponsored tournaments that you can join for free, rest of those are generally paid match. You’ve pay around Rs.10 or Rs.20 to join those paid pubg mobile tournaments as per preset requirements.

  • Accordingly your budget, you’ve decide to join any upcoming PUBG Mobile matche on PlayerZon App. To join a upcoming match, click on the match details or tap the thumbnail of it.

  • Then from the next screen you would see match schedule, winning prize, entry fee details and rules. Click on join now button from the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you’ll be asked to add money into the wallet. Simply add money that much is required to join the match and that’s all. 

  • To add money you’ve to use any of the available online payment methods. And once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be notified regarding the upcoming match with custom room ID and password.
  • Now just play the game, the last standing man on the match will get the chicken dinner reward. 

Pro players could earn thousand of rupees monthly by just playing PUBG Mobile from PlayerZon mobile app. Is’t it really cool ? Do you know someone who’s addicted to PUBG Mobile ? share this article with them and help him / her to turn their gaming addiction into profit.