How to Get Free Elite Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile – Earn Free UC Cash

Free Elite Royal Pass
Wanna get a Elite Royal pass PUBG Mobile Global season 3 ? just follow the steps below to grab it.

PUBG Mobile season 3 bash has just started, and Royale Pass points, data levels and leader-board have been reset to default. Few months back, Tencent had introduced Royal Pass progress system into the game. While every player has got a free version of the new Royale Pass, and you can rank up your Free Royale Pass as you progress and level up in the game. Here in this article i’ll guide to get Elite Royal Pass for free legally.

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Basically there’re two types of Elite tiers in PUBG Mobile – Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. An elite pass provides you various advantages like getting rare weapon skins, costumes and earn unknown currency (uc) by completing “daily” and “challenge” missions.

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In case you don’t know, for the the Elite Upgrade you’ll need to spend 600 UC. And the plus version costs 1,800 UC. And you’ve to purchase UC by spending real cash using online payment options. In real word currency, 600 UC cash will cost you US$9.99 or 698 Rupees. Also you can’t purchase 1800 UC directly, first you’ve to get 1500 UC cash for $24.99 or 1,746 Rs. then get another 600 UC cash. Or you may purchase 6000 UC cash directly by spending $99.99 or 6,989.00 Indian Rupees if enough juice is left inside your money bag. Follow the trick below to get Free Elite Royal Pass for season 3 and unlimited UC cash in PUBG Mobile easily.


Trick to Grab Free Elite Royal Pass and Free UC Cash on PUBG Mobile version – 

  • As it’s an online game, it’s utterly impossible to hack it and get free elite royal pass. I won’t guide you to follow for any unethical ways. Whatever we’ll do, will be legal. So first you’ve to download an app “Roz Dhan – Share Best Videos” from which you can earn enough money to buy elite royal pass for PUBG Mobile season 3 for free. 
  • Download the app from
  • Open it up, and login using Facebook or Google. That’s all, instantly you’ll get Rs.25 or 0.36USD.

  • Now enter my invitation code – “00K9V1” , and you’ll get another 25 Rupees.
  • Start referring your fiends, for a successful refer you’ll earn 1250 coins.
  • For Elite Upgrade Plus Royal Pass you would need to refer around 250-300 people, it might seem a bit hard, but not impossible.
  • You can cash out your earnings by binding your paytm account with the app.

  • Minimum 200 Rs is needed to withdraw your earnings. You can upload videos in the app to boost your earning rapidly. So you’ve to refer less to reach at your target mount. Once you have earned enough money, cash it out and redeem it to purchase elite royal pass.

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Hope this trick will help you to get free elite royal pass that you can use throughout PUBG Mobile Global season 3. For more useful tips and tricks, stay tuned.

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