How to Hack PUBG Mobile with GameGuardian [PUBG Mobile Script 2019] | WallHack, AimAssist, No Recoil & More – AntiBan Method, No ROOT

Since its launch, the popularity of the online multiplayer game, PUBG Mobile is at its peak and with its rise, it’s going beyond so far breaking up all records. The battle royal game already has now over 30 million daily active users across the globe. To enjoy the game you should really have master skills with fast reflex action to judge the environment and take instant combat decisions against the enemies on the field which is quite a difficult task. And this the point, where people lack and that’s why most of them look for PUBG Mobile hacks. Here in this article, we’ll discuss how to hack PUBG Mobile with GameGuardian and get certain types of PUBG Mobile hack features like AimBot and Aim Assists, Wallhack, No Recoil and much more.

There are a bunch of websites, links available on the internet claiming to provide you PUBG Mobile hack tools or even PUBG Mod apk. But in reality none of them actually works, certainly, people end up downloading malicious files or disclosing their private user information to third parties that could be misused. And in other scenarios, the PUBG Mobile hacks that they get to download from those carp websites simply doesn’t work. Here in this article, I’ll guide you to execute PUBG mobile script with the help of GameGuardian.

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Caution – This article is only for educational or informational purposes only, we don’t promote any illegal activities or we don’t encourage users to spoil any game with the help of hack tools. Users should proceed at their own risk, we’ll not be responsible for any future consequences.

About PUBG Mobile Hack – Fed up by searching how to hack PUBG Mobile game? well, today we’re going to execute PUBG mobile script with the help of GameGuardian to get certain features. With the trick, you would be able to hack PUBG Mobile on your android mobile without even rooting it. Don’t skip a single step, if do so either your account will get banned or the PUBG Mobile hack won’t work properly. However, there’s is no such unlimited UC hack on PUBG Mobile, and don’t expect the same from this method. To be on the safe side, apply the trick using a guest account.

For getting started and to hack PUBG Android, you’ll need to download these five files together – Anti banned host, GameGuardian APK, Script.lua, StrangeVPN APK and Veteran APK. Check the download links below the get the same.

Latest PUBG Mobile Script + Host + Other Files – Download [ LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED ]

Android Without Root Access [Anti-Ban]

  • First, download all of the above files and move them to the “Download” folder of your android device, don’t install anything without reading the article completely.

  • Once you get all of the above files downloaded, now go the download location and first install the strange VPN APK on your device.

  • Install GameGuardian App on your phone, after installing it you will get two app icon on the menu. Don’t bother with it, both are same, so drag and move these two icons in the same app folder.

  • After that now install the veteran apk as before. Don’t open it now.

Step 1 – Now to start to hack PUBG Mobile game, you’ve all these three applications installed on your android device. First, you’ve to open up the Strange VPN App, after opening it will look the same as below.

Click on the “Select Hosts File” button from the bottom screen, now a window will popup where you’ve to locate the folder of the downloaded files. Generally, it’s inside the “Download” Folder. From the folder select the Antibanned hosts file. Now you’ll get a connection request popup, click on OK.

That’s all, upon a successful connection, it’will look like this as below.

Now minimise the strange VPN Host and minimise it, don’t ever close it. Keep it running in the background, it’will protect your account from getting banned. Now let’s fly into the next step.


Step 2 – Click on the Veteran Application and open it. The screen would look like this.

Tap on “I see” green button at the bottom. On the veteran app, you’ll see a WhatsApp icon, we actually don’t need to mess with it. So drag the WhatsApp icon to the bin icon present at the top right corner of the window, and it’ll get removed. 

Now click on that plus icon, now only select “PUBG Mobile” and “GameGuardian” from the window.

Tap on “Clone Button”. It’ll clone both of the applications, the function is quite similar to dual space or second space on xiaomi phones. 


Step 3 – After the cloning is complete, you’ll see PUBG Mobile and GameGuardian icon upon opening the veteran app. 

After that, hit the GameGuardian App Icon from the veteran app. You’ll get a notification window saying “unable to open floating window”. Just hit “Ok”

Now grant the permission of “permit drawing over another apps” from settings for the app to show floating window. Now you might get another popup saying to update the GameGuardian App, simply ignore that. Don’t try to update it as it’s the mod version of the original application. And the screen should look like this.

On the top of your screen, you’ll get a floating window of that application.


Step 4 – Now from the veteran home screen, open up PUBG Mobile and sign in as a guest. You may use social login if you can deal with account ban (just in case). This PUBG Mobile hack has anti-ban script but why to take risk?  be smart.

Now after opening the game, you’ll see the floating GameGuardian Logo on the top of the screen. Tap on it. It would look like this.

Now choose the option #[4689] PUBG MOBILE [512 MB] and the next screen would be like this as shown below.

Tap on this icon as shown in the above image. From the next window, scroll down a bit until you get the option of select memory ranges.

Choose this option, and from the next window tick on all available green lines.

Also swipe down a bit more and tick on this B: Bad (dangerous) [173 MB]

Hit the save button.


Step 5 – Now hit the search icon from the app as shown below

And then tap the run button.

Now it’s time to execute PUBG mobile script. From the next window, click on the small three dots and browse the location of the downloaded files. And select the script.lua file present in it.

The script file will be highlighted into Green. On the next screen, you’ll get a notification saying “Bypass Anti crash”, just hit No.


Final Step 6 – Now you’re almost ready to hack PUBG Mobile using scripts with the help of GameGuardian without even root. Now what you need to do is to tap on the floating game guardian icon on the screen. Tap on “Wallhack and colour”

Then you’ll need to select the processor of your phone. Do the same depending on your hardware specifications.

After selecting Hit ok. It’ll help you to run PUBG Mobile hack scripts without root. Now choose wall hack colour, you can choose any.

In this PUBG Mobile hack script, I would like to refer you to use Green, Yellow colours for better visibility. Click on Okay. Now GameGuardian will start to execute PUBG Mobile scripts to hack in-game features. It’ll take a couple of seconds to minutes.


Step 6 – Almost you are done with it, upon successful execution of the PUBG Mobile hack script, the colour of your game avatar will change into the selected wall hack colour. Now start a match in any mode or server and feel the difference. As you can see here it’s green.

Now you can spot enemies from another side of the wall and shoot from walls, aim assist will help you to aim perfectly. You can check official GameGuardian websites to get more updated pubg mobile hacks like God Mod, Unlimited health, No recoil etc. 


Watch the video below for better understanding.


I hope you would enjoy this article and it’ll help you to hack PUBG Mobile in 2019 without account ban risk. Keep enjoying the PUBG Mobile script and get easy chicken dinners and push your rank to Conqueror. This PUBG Mobile hack is working on the latest version 0.11.5

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