How to Hack Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile Emulator with Fendi v1.9 / Jiuzhongtian [ESP, Aim Bot, No Recoil, Speed, High Jump, Wall Through & More]

tencent gaming buddy

Earlier this month, I shared an article about how to cheat in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Android version with Game Guardian. This Game has started mounting more and more popularity with time, and more cheats started surfacing online. Now I’m back with a new Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile Hack for players who play the game on their PC using Emulator. Go through the whole article to learn how to hack Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator PUBG Mobile, and don’t miss any steps.

Well, let’s learn what’s the features inside this cheat tools, Fendi hack latest version 1.9 and Jiuzhongtian hacks have ESP, No Recoil, High Jump, Fast landing, Color hack, Wall through, Speed / Fly car, High Jump, Aim Bot and much more out of the box. However using these, might get your account banned. We will strongly recommend you using a Guest mode account to be outside the red zone. Before getting started, download the Hack Tencent Gaming Buddy files from the link attached below and then follow up the remaining article. These PUBG Mobile hack emulator tools are working properly on version 0.12.

Fendi v1.9 / Jiuzhongtian ESP Hack for Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile Emulator – Download From Here

Either download Fendi Latest Version 1.9 or Jiuzhongtian hack tool from the link given above. We need any one of these. And make sure to download full driver files from the same link for this PUBG Mobile hack emulator.

How to Hack Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator in 2019

  • Open up PUBG Mobile Emulator and sign out from your social media linked account. Now sign into the game as a guest. Because we could create another guest mode account after getting banned easily. 

  • Go to windows settings > Virus and threat protection. Turn off Real Time protection and cloud-delivered protection.

  • Now go to Firewall and Network protection settings and turn off Domain Network. Also if you’ve any paid anti-virus software installed, uninstall it immediately. Otherwise, your antivirus program will detect our Tencent Gaming Buddy Hack Script files and virus and will delete those files. And you will get error messages on using this PUBG Mobile emulator hack.

  • Now Extract the Full Driver folder on your PC. Inside it, there will be a file called CaiDat Setup.exe, double click on the file run it. Now a window will pop up like the image below. Make sure to tick all of the above 8 options like Vcreadist 2015 – x86, Vcreadist 2015 – x64, Vcreadist 2013 – x86, Vcreadist 2013 – x64, Vcreadist 2005 – x86, Vcreadist 2005 – x64, DirectX 2010 and Vcreadist 2010. After clicking all of these now hit the CAI DAT button from the right side. It will start to install all the required drivers for our PUBG Emulator hack. This step is going to take around 5-10 minutes. After successful installing, it’ll show a flash message of installation successfully completed. 

  • Now open up Control Panel and head towards Clock & Region. Now from the next window click on Region.

  • From Administrative box change system locale to Chinese simplified. Click on ok to restart your system.

  • After reboot, now open up Tencent Gaming Buddy and go to its settings. And change the language to Chinese. And save it. Now get towards the next step for our Tencent gaming buddy hack.

  • Now click on exit and quit the emulator from the taskbar. Then again open the emulator up and run pubg mobile signing in as a guest. In case you get banned to hack Tencent gaming buddy, you don’t need to bother with it as fresh account creation is quite simple.

  • Now extract and open up the downloaded Fendi v1.9 / Jiuzhongtian ESP hack file. And run the exe file inside it. That’s all. In the case of Jiuzhongtian one, run the BayMax patch tools first, it’s the smaller exe file inside the folder for PUBG Mobile Emulator hack. Fendi hack users don’t need this.

  • It’ll copy some files and show a window in Tencent gaming Buddy hack from where you could activate all of the features. 

That’s all you need to do for PUBG Mobile Emulator Hack. Now select features such as long jump, no recoil, aim-bot, high car speed. flying car hack, wall through, etc and activate them for this Tencent Gaming Buddy hack. Enjoy the PUBG Mobile 0.12 hack features for a sweet chicken dinner.