Kali Linux now available in the Microsoft App store for Windows 10, How to Install ?

Kali Linux now available in the Microsoft App store

Kali Linux on … Windows 10? Really? it quite sounds unreal. But it’s true, Today, yet another Linux distribution comes to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Kali Linux for Windows 10 was actually announced around two weeks ago when the company was testing Xfce desktop for WSL. As the a blog post released by Microsoft, Now the popular Linux Distribution – Kali Linux which is famous for focuses on security and penetration testing becomes available on Microsoft store after the Ubuntu which became available in the last year. You can now simply download & install Kali Linux via the Windows Store.

“As with other Linux distros, you can now download Kali Linux from the Windows Store. If this is your first time using WSL, be sure to enable the optional Windows feature before getting the Kali Linux app by following these installation instructions,” said Tara Raj, Program Manager, Microsoft.

“We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Kali Linux team and especially Mati Aharoni for all their patience, hard work & support to plan, build, and publish their distro packages in the Windows Store. Thank you! Hope you enjoy using Kali Linux on WSL!”, Tara Raj also added.

More or less this app is based on the Windows Subsystem for Linux where you’ll get a bare-bones Kali Linux installation with no penetration testing tools. As few sources, installing kali linux on windows 10 could trigger false positives in Windows antivirus programs. So don’t create panic.

How to install Kali Linux on Windows 10 WSL –

  • First make sure to turn on the WSL in Windows Features. In the search box type ‘windows Features’, and click enter. Now select Windows Subsystem for Linux and hit Ok.
  • From the link, download and install Kali linux distro for windows 10 on your PC.
  • After installing, launch the app.
  • Create your UNIX username and password as prompted on the console windows.


  • Yeah !! you’re done.
  • Now every time open up CMD and type kali to launch Kali Linux again.
  • Also you may use the Kali named tile in the serach menu to launch it.
  • While this setup of Kali on Windows is not optimal due to various environmental restrictions. In any guide needed to setup the environment, check this article.