Never Do This 10 Things With Your Android Smartphone

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world .Most probably you are reading this blog on your android smartphone.We use hundreds of apps in our android mobile.Do you know there might be apps on your device,that are eventually harmful for your device.I’ve seen people using apps that can harm their device and they are totally unaware about it.Also some of your browsing habits could harm your device.Let’s talk about them.

Apps from Unknown Sources – It is most common thing that we used to with your device.Many times we install apps from third party websites,Instead of downloading them from play store.The main reason is go get paid apps for free.To get paid apps for free,we straight open up google and browse,download that app from a website that’s not verified by google.

First of all there is no guarantee whether the downloaded app is secured or not.There might be malicious codes in that installed app,that can damage your devices.More over there could be spyware into that app that can monitor your activity.And it also increases the number of piracy.So if yo download apps from 3rd party websites,you’re dealing with your privacy and security.

Killing Apps – Killing apps are very common task among people.Even i see my friends to swipe left/right to kill the app process after using it.The myth is that people think killing apps frees up ram and saves battery.It’s completely fake.

Android is smart enough to manage background app processes.It will keep apps running in the background.If you want to use that app again,it won’t load the app again.But if you kill the app process,android system has to load the app data from the beginning.It creates pressure over RAM,moreover it consumes more battery.You should stop this activity immediately if you have so.

Antivirus – I’ve seen people using antivirus in their mobiles after getting a new device.But do you know that usage to antivirus in android smartphone is completely useless unless you download apps from malicious sources.Google play store has automatic app scanning,it will notify you if any malicious or infected app is found on your mobile.Using antivirus isn’t required on android.It wastes the battery and does nothing.But if you download malicious apps,that it is acceptable.

Battery Saver Apps – Battery saver apps are widely used by peoples.There are many apps with millions of downloads on the play store.Battery saver apps similarly works as task killers.It kills the apps a long as you leave the app.So next time,when you open the app,the app will be loaded from the beginning.Also battery savers apps stays on always and consumes a lot of battery.It’s like a part of joke.But the truth is battery saves apps actually consumes your battery instead of saving.

Rooting Android –¬†Rooting is very common now-a-days.Rooting is harmful if you know nothing about rooting,how to deal with it.If you don’t know what you’re going to do after rooting your device,you shouldn’t go for it.As the situations can go plenty wrong if you don’t know how to deal with the problems like bootloops or bricks.

Moreover rooting means,your device warranty is now voided.You have to pay to get service from service centers as your device is rooted. Also rooting can damage your device completely if you skip any steps while rooting.So be careful and think twice about what you’re going to do after rooting.

Bitcoin Mining – Bitcoin is getting popular.Mining is the process by which bitcoins are generated.There are many apps that claims to mine bitcoin using your android device.But actually most of the mining apps are fake.It injects malicious codes and ads into your smartphone.So be careful from frauds.

Fake apps – As of the above i’ve seen people using fake apps.They’re unaware that the apps they’re using is fake.Take an example,there are hundreds of videos on youtube claiming to run gta v on android.Those videos contains fake apps.Also when a poplar app launches,many fake apps gets available on app stores regarding the same.

Clearing Cache memory – We use cleaner apps like cleanmaster or ccleaner to clear cache memory.But do you know that clearing cache memory is harmful.Cache is the data stored by an app when you’ve used it last time.Whenever you open the app again,it won’t load again instead of that it will use the cached data which helps to run the app faster.But if you clear the cache,the app has to load and generate the data from the beginning.Again and again clearing cache leaves a bad impact on your smartphone.If you’re running on low internal storage then do it manually by going to apps settings.

Fake messages¬†– Many peoples are unaware of fake messages.We see many messages are circulating on social media daily claiming to provide paytm cash or recharge.When you click on the link,it downloads malicious apps that is quite dangerous.Be careful about those fake messages.Also don’t forward and spread those.

Permission – Most of the times we neglect app permissions.If any apps prompts us to allow a notification we simple allow it before thinking twice.If you want to send a voice messages on whatsapp,you will need to allow microphone.As microphone permission is needed to record voice.But there are apps which requires permissions that has no link with link.Torch app on play store requires GPS.Isn’t it curious why torch app will require GPS while it has no functionality of it.Think twice before allowing permission.Apps can spy into your activity if you allowed such permission.

That’s for today.Follow these above mentioned topics from next time to keep your device safe and secure.For more follow our facebook page.


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