New Android Malware Affected 232 Banking Apps including SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank

A new android malware is affecting several banking apps including SBI, HDFC, AXIS bank’s App. Recently Quick heal detected a malware on android which infected near about 232 banking apps worldwide, including few mobile banking apps from India.

On a blog, Quick Heal named the new malware Android.banker.A2f8a. Mobile banking apps of HDFC bank, Axis bank, SBI, IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank and Union Bank,Bank of Baroda is already infected by this new malware. This Android.banker.A2f8a malware generates fake malicious notifications to steal user’s credentials. As per a Quickheal blog, This android malware was detected first in 232 banking and cryptocurrency service based apps. This Android banking trojan was found as a part of fake flash player apps present on third party app stores.

Quick heal stated this Android.banker.A2f8a not only collects banking apps data, it also can access and steal user’s contact lists,location, SMS which it uploads into malicious servers. Right now safety of millions of user is on risk for this banking Trojan.

Once it gets installed, it shows up notifications popup until user grants administrative permissions. After allowing administrative permission this android banking Trojan hides its icon and becomes hidden inside the device. After that, the malware starts looking for those mentioned banking app’s in the user’s device, and creates fake notifications on behalf of the banking apps. Once user clicks on the notification, the Trojan creates a fake login window. And it steals credentials when user enters their login details.

Affected users are advised to uninstall those banking apps from their device as soon as possible. And reset their deviceand look for any unknown installed suspicious applications. Also other users are requested to download apps from Google play store instead of downloading from any kind of 3rd party sources.

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