Tinder to Adopt Bumble’s women-talk-first feature to Let Women Prevent Men From Messaging them First

Tinder to Adopt Bumble's women-talk-first feature to Let Women Prevent Men From Messaging them First

Tinder is well known as an online app to find friends, dates and relationships. Match Group owns Tinder, along with other dating services like Match.com and OkCupid. As per reports, the new match group CEO Mandy Ginsberg wants to make the dating app more friendlier for women. Tinder will soon have a new feature that’ll let women to decide whether they want to prevent men from messaging them first.

It’s quite similar to Bumble. Ginsberg said,”Often, women don’t really want the pressure of kicking off the conversation, but if they want it, that’s great”. Still now the thing was pretty simple, both of them just has to right swipe their profile and after getting a match anyone can start a joyful conversation. But it seems that it’s gonna end soon.

Mandy Ginsberg also said that Tinder’s this new upcoming feature is “not a reaction to any competitor” and that it’s the result of years of behind-the-scenes talks at the company regarding how its dating brands could better serve female users

“We have to constantly listen to what women want and address their needs, not just on Tinder but on all products. The feedback that we’ve heard is that women don’t always want to be forced to make a move, so we want to give people the ability to choose” she added.

Now women can decide whether to turn this new feature on or off for preventing men to message them first on tinder. According to Ginsberg, this features are implemented to “curtail bad behavior, any negative behavior or advances, and inappropriate communication,”.

But as per me, this feature might kill the presence of the dating apps like one tinder, presuming the women behavior they might not like to send a message first, atleast not to a man in most of the cases. And this features seems to be only helpful for heterosexual women. It only makes some sense if we talk about cutting down the negative behaviors and bad messages faced by a woman on dating apps. What do you think ? let me know your opinions.