Top 10 Xposed Framework Modules to Tweak & Mod Your Android Device

Xposed Framework Modules

Looking for some useful top Xposed framework modules for android ? Well The Xposed modules from the framework let the users customize their phones on a huge scale. It boasts a much larger repository when compared to Magisk which is its closest competitor. So, if you are looking to add some new mods to your Android device then here is the list of the top 10 Xposed modules.

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Our these picks of best 10 xposed framework modules will help you in tweaking your odd android device like a pro. Let’s have a look over them.

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Best 10 Xposed modules for Android for Tweaking – 

#1 BootManager

Whenever you start your phone, certain apps are launched in the background. The OS manages these apps and most of the time the user shouldn’t interfere with them. BootManager is one of the best Xposed modules if you want to prevent these apps from starting. An app which is resource intensive yet not necessary could increase the performance of the phone manifolds.

#2 CrappaLinks

CrappaLinks is another great mod which lets you launch default apps with links. What does it mean? Suppose you have a link to a YouTube video. When you try to open it, you will be taken to the browser. CrappaLinks ensures that the video opens in the YouTube app instead. It requires only a little bit of configuration and works on a variety of apps.

#3 Gravity Box

Gravity Box is one of the most important Xposed modules. It comes with a lot of great features such as tweaks for the lock screen, status bar, nav bar, display, power menu, and other settings.

#4 Greenify

You might be familiar with Greenify, a popular app for non-rooted Android devices. Greenify becomes even better as one of the Xposed modules. You can “hibernate” apps when the phone is locked. The apps which are not required regularly could be put to sleep. This will be helpful in improving the battery life of the phone.

#5 Amplify Battery

If you are concerned with the battery life of your phone then Xposed modules are going to be helpful. Amplify is one such module which will make a significant difference. It lets you find out which app/feature is draining the battery and will let you stop it in case it doesn’t hamper the working of the device.

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#6 XUIMod

The XUIMod is a great tool to manage the system UI. You can tweak the clock, battery, animations, lock screen, notifications, and other things. The mod has been made with lots of attention to the details which let you even change things like the AM/PM on the clock.

#7 PinNotif

If you are one of those people who like to use notifications as reminders then here is a one of the most intuitive Xpose modules. It lets you pin a notification by simply long-pressing on the notification. This will prevent the OS from removing it automatically. You can long press it again to disable the pinning or just swipe to remove it when done.

#8 Xblast Tools

If you liked Gravity Box then XBlast Tools will definitely appeal to you. It lets you tweak the status bar and nav bar, volume buttons, multi-tasking and other things similar to Gravity Box.

#9 Never Sleep

If you don’t want the display from going off while you have opened certain apps then Never Sleep is the perfect solution. It lets you select the time limit before the screen turns off for individual apps. This means you could prevent the screen from going off while an e-book app is opened without affecting the time-out for the other apps.

#10 Flat Style Colored Bars

When you open an app, you would find that the status bar is slightly darker in color. And at times, the status bar appears plain white/black. This mod lets the user customize the look of the status bar for each app so that it blends in seamlessly.

I hope you liked the list of our Top 10 Xposed modules for android. If you were impressed with a particular mod then do give it a try.

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